Who We Are

Based on the knowledge and experiences acquired by a team in the Turkish research and consultancy sector and individuals who are experts in their respective fields, Nish Research is a research and consultancy company that started its journey to provide direction, guidance and consultancy in the markets with restricted of the sources of information across the Middle East region including Iraq, Iran and Lebanon.
As Nish Research, we aim to have a good comprehension of the market to advice customers accordingly and to ensure good understanding of the customer needs in order to provide both research and consultancy services by finding the right answers.

We are in the roads, streets and the right places in the Middle East in order to share with you our knowledge and experiences on the Middle Eastern market with the restriction of the availability of the information and to serve you by using the correct research methods and techniques supported by projects that are prepared and developed for your custom needs and in line with the regional dynamics for seeking answers for new questions. We support you to collaborate with the right people at the right time and places and to produce appropriate solutions for problematic conditions.

In 2007, we started this journey and conducted research activities in order to find answers to all questions you wonder about the market in the region and to provide regional guidance and consultancy to our customers. For the same proposes we opened our first official office